About the IVTC

Ours is a private tennis club with enjoyable social and culinary activities. Our storied club was born in 1912 and remains in in the original location in West Village adjacent to the Indian Village section of the City of Detroit. Our three well-maintained clay courts and clubhouse are cherished and enjoyed by over 350 adult members from Detroit, Grosse Pointe and the greater Detroit area. Level of play ranges from beginner to professional. The tone is congenial, unpretentious and upbeat.

IVTC is a not-for-profit club run by members with assistance from a few professionals who maintain our courts, do routine Clubhouse cleaning and cater many of our dinner events. Our various committees organize and manage tennis events and tournaments, a full calendar of casual and more formal social events, purchase and manage beverages for our popular bar, handle our book keeping, keep our gardens beautiful, maintain our clubhouse, maintain our technology, etc.  Volunteer participation is encouraged but not required.

Our season is approximately from May to October.  Off-season there may be catered dinners and casual activities.

Membership is selective, limited and unbiased. Applicants must be sponsored by members and approved by the board. There are membership categories for young adults, adults, singles, and couples. Couples may both be tennis playing or one person not playing but both enjoying Clubhouse and social activities. There is currently a waiting list for new members.

Because we are not-for-profit and member operated, IVTC is very affordable. Our annual dues are under $600 and there are no court fees. Beverage prices at our bar are extremely reasonable, including our several draft beers and impressive wine selection.

Professional tennis coaches are available for private and semi-private sessions. Monday night drills are a great way to tune-up and tone-up regardless of your skill level. A ball machine is available for members use when there are open courts. While courts are not reservable, there are allocated times for pick-up and organized foursomes. See our court schedule.

The tennis committee organizes several tournaments through the season for all levels of players.

The Club grounds are gated and parking is free in and adjacent gated parking lot.

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